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The name comes from the courage, commitment, passion and dedication that define a special attitude, a quality, and strength that is Cowgirl.  We believe there is a promise that lies within each of us to find our spirit and live with passion. We call it "A Cowgirl's Promise".   It is the brisk assertiveness that drives you forward to Dream Wild, Live Brave and Never Quit.  We call it "All Grit...No Quit" and that is the foundation of A Cowgirl's Promise LLC.

We are more tomboy than a fashionista but then again, we do like a great looking blouse, top, handbag or jacket.  Simple, Classic, Everyday Style is the best!  Comfort is key.  If you are reading this you may share a love for simplicity and classic style too.  With that in mind, we created a collection of artisans and manufacturers who we feel stay true to our vision, Simply Stated and Classically Designed.    

We've selected a collection of classic apparel, cowboy hats, jewelry, handbags, belts, hair clips, home goods and gifts. We are inspired by, and proud of, the quality and beauty of the products we carry.   Many items, we are happy to say, are ‘made in the USA’.  How great is that!

So, whether you ride the range every day or just in your dreams, whether you are a cowgirl, a town girl or a cowgirl-at-heart, we are happy you stopped by and we hope you will visit again soon!


-mg-6018.jpg Two of my horses, Calivn and Pistol in Cool, California.











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